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Coronavirus in Spain: Life Under Lockdown

On Friday, March 13, 2020, Spanish prime minster Pedro Sánchez announced that the country would be entering a “state of alarm” due to the coronavirus crisis. Yesterday (Saturday), more details were provided as to the specifics. Essentially, the entire country is on lockdown, and movements are extremely limited by the government except in essential situations. [Read more]

Second Chances: The Perfect Cádiz Day Trip

As the oldest city in western Europe and a popular summer hotspot, it’s easy to see why Cádiz is one of southern Spain’s most popular destinations. But I didn’t love it the first time I visited. [Read more]

5 Things to Do Before Moving Abroad (And 3 Things Not To)

Moving to another country can be as exhilarating as it is overwhelming. Not only are you leaving behind everything you know and (possibly) love, but unless you’re familiar with the city or country you plan on calling home, there’s a good chance you’re stepping into the unknown. And said unknown comes with plenty of logistics that have to be dealt with, like it or not. [Read more]

Learning to Drive in Spain, Part 2: The Driving Test

So you’ve tackled the first part of getting a driver’s license in Spain by passing the written exam. Enhorabuena! That’s just half the battle: now it’s time to apply everything you’ve learned behind the wheel. [Read more]

A Road Trip Through the White Villages of Andalusia

Previous Semana Santa jaunts have taken me to central and eastern Europe; Newcastle, England and Edinburgh; and Heidelberg and Strasbourg. This year, after looking up flights to our ideal destinations (Rome and Berlin) and ending up disappointed but unsurprised to find anything below €200, we decided somewhat on a whim to keep it local and discover some of the towns right here in our home region of Andalusia that we had yet to explore. [Read more]

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